FM Global
Johnston, Rhode Island

Senior Consultant Engineer 1996 - Present

Loss Prevention Engineer for a major property insurance carrier with its own research, development, standards, and approvals departments

Wind/Flood/Fire Specialist

Conduct detailed surveys of industrial, commercial, and institutional properties to obtain construction, occupancy, fire protection details and determine exposures

Analyze and prioritize needed improvements for mitigation of hurricane, flood, fire, and theft exposures

Provide loss prevention advice to facility emergency organizations for protection of assets utilizing emergency preparedness plans

Reduce business interruption by identifying and quantifying time element exposures

Determine Maximum Foreseeable Loss Expectancy based on facility conditions

Analyze Fire Protection Systems including appropriate designs and operations

Develop Highly Protected Risk (HPR) recommendations and evaluate proposed safeguards through review of plans and on-site inspections

Review new construction designs and drawings to implement the best loss prevention techniques and meet FM Global Standards

Project Coordinator for new construction greater than $10 million to $800 million

Provide Quality Control site inspections during new construction

Provide Loss Prevention Training to company employees and customers

Designated engineer for many large customer accounts including telecommunications

Experience in a wide variety of occupancies

Work with Insurance Account Teams, Underwriters, Risk Management, and Facility Management

Conduct damage and loss investigations / assessments subsequent to a natural catastrophe or fire event

Senior Appraiser 1988-1996

Experienced in Real & Personal Property (Machinery/Equipment & Buildings) of institutional, commercial, and industrial occupancies

Appraised values up to $2 billion, including International Appraisals

Provided Training to company employees and customers

Performed Facility and Procedural Audits

Evaluated for Increased Cost for compliance with American Disability Act

Designated Team Leader on large jobs where teamwork is necessary

Appointed to the Factory Mutual President's Internal Customer Focus Group 1994

Received Total Quality Management Training

Appointed to Quality Action Team for Presentation of Reports and Quality

Created "Appraisal Compendium to Uniform Presentation and Report Quality"


Greater Tampa Community Emergency Response Team                      2002 to Jan. 2004

Founding Member, Co-Coordinator, Sector Team Leader

Serve as Planning Team Member to coordinate 100 member activities

Organize and Provide Emergency Response Training for Catastrophic Events

Serve as liaison to city / county municipalities, community organizations, etc.

Comply with FEMA, Homeland Security, and IRS 501(C)3 Guidelines

Provide Grant Procurement and funding for Fire Rescue trainers, members’ equipment, and continued education classes

Completed “Train the Trainer” Course

STARS USA, Inc. - Students Taking an Active Role in Society             1990 to Present

Executive Director / Project Coordinator Supervise corporate operations and student organization

Serve as liaison to educational institutions, community organizations, and businesses

Developed Articles of Incorporation, proposals, grant packages, presentations

Received Internal Revenue Service Determination under Section 501(C)3

Founded Florida Department of State registered Non-Profit Corporation

American Society of Appraisers                                                                1991 to 1997

Accredited Senior Appraiser

Comply with Uniform Standards and Appraisal Practices


University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida  1983 -1988

  • Bachelors of Science of Electrical  Engineering 1988


Cofounder, President, and Project Director of Students Taking an Active Role in Society (STARS) student organization

Matched student skills with community projects and outside funding; creating work related experience and college credit Liaison to school boards, local businesses, lawyers, tax advisors, students, etc.

Member of

Inst. of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, International Society of Hybrid Microelectronics, Sigma Phi Epsilon

Computer Experience and References Available