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We have expanded our healing and training center for more local efforts to share Earths Coherence and Resonance in Truth.

We hope you can find something here to further your own growth and knowledge. Please visit often as new instructors are always visiting.

Flow Retreat

The Taino Sun Ritual connects Heaven and Earth. This is a form of Flow Biohacking, synchronized to the Earth's systems of life to enhance synergies. We are creating our oneness experience, of Heaven on Earth right now, in our own backyards, doing Urban Agriculture in Saint Petersburg, Florida with SPIRIT and TRUTH, for LOVE and FAMILY.

Are you visiting Florida? This is NOT a hotel room, this is not a resort, this is a Family Home, where we share our Spiritual Blessing and Grace to help other families and Souls relax to find the love and peace that we share freely here. . . Gardens, Plants, Nature and Healthy Foods, cooking and playing around enjoying it all together.

Create your own trip to shift-up your own LOVE Resonance:

$20k/week = = > Heaven on Earth Experience

$2k/week = = > Family's no-frills Spirit

Listing description:

We are creating Earth oneness now. We are rebuilding dreams from scratch, you will find yours here if you've not seen it in a while, just keep reading and remember everything that's not your dream is likely another's Dream you must respect.

ONLY POSSIBLE WITH Completed Forms. Yes, more levels of understanding about this is available already if you have (1)seen, (2)experienced, (3)done, (4)learned or (5)taught the Sun Ritual in these five stages.

Discovery Sun Ritual: 1st google list post read the start big "e" post =)  Pay it Forward

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