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What is the Live Blood Analysis?

We have entered a new era of scientific discovery. As the horse gave way to the horseless-carriage, so must science now accommodate a new understanding of the body as a whole. This includes the way that we view blood.

Edgar Cayce, the seer of Virginia Beach, predicted in the 1930's that in the future the state of health of the individual would be determinable on the basis of the evaluation of one drop of blood. This time has arrived.

Through the advent of technological advances in microscopy, new understandings and discoveries have been proven out by such leading researchers as Royal Rife, Gaston Naessans, Dr. Gunther Enderlein, and many others. A new understanding of biology as a holistic science has emerged. This new understanding is not only a key to recognizing presently occurring imbalances in the body; it is also a most valuable tool to implement for a preventive approach. Because the precursors to serious health imbalances may be observed in the state of ever present floras found in the blood, health imbalances may be averted by reading these early warning signs and making the necessary changes that will allow one to rebalance the physiology. These markers are also applicable in the course of tracking the progression and reversal of degenerative conditions that may already be in motion. The observations of these floras are made using what is known as a Darkfield microscope.

When utilizing today's conventional approac4es to analyze blood, the standard methods are to use either stains (which make certain factors in the blood visible which would not be otherwise) or the electron microscope (which provides ultrahigh magnifications). The limitation of both of the preceding approaches is that the blood is effectively killed through the processes~ utilized in observation. In a Darkfield, though, I the blood is stained with light frequencies, which allows the blood to remain alive and, active, thereby giving many otherwise unobtainable clues as to the relative health of the blood and thereby, the whole organism.

Through the observation of blood in a bright~ field, many other useful observations may also be made when observing layered dried blood samples.1 In combination, these two methods paint a picture of the subject's overall state of well-being or health imbalance, and provide a screen test which may indicate that other laboratory testing is required.

NuLife Sciences was formed in 1990 in order to make the application of this new understanding more widely available to the general public by providing high quality, economical instrumentation and educational and instructive services to health professionals of all varieties.

Who was Guenther Enderlein?

Dr. Professor Guenther Enderlein (1872 1968) of Germany was, and is, the researcher who will forever be inseparable from Pleomorphism and Isopathic/Homeopathic Remedies. Dr. Enderlein built on the research of Antoine Bechamp and proved that blood is not sterile. He determined through much study that microorganisms could appear in various developmental stages and in diverse forms without the loss of specific characteristics. Through intensive research, Dr. Enderlein came to the conclusion that the monomorphic perspective of disease conditions favored by Pasteur and others could no longer be maintained. He determined that the Pleomorphic theory more accurately reflected the disease process. Dr. Enderlein devoted his life and all of his scientific work to proving this thesis and to developing the Isopathic/Homeopathic Medicine that we now use today.

What is Pleomorphism?

Pleomorphism rests on the idea that warm-blooded organisms house primitive forms of microorganisms which can undergo cyclic changes. These changes occur when the host's internal milieu has an altered pH, lymphatic or circulatory congestion, and associated other internal environmental changes. These changes allow the microorganisms to develop from an avirulent form to a virulent, pathogenic form. This premise differs from the typical microbiological viewpoint, which rests on the concept of monomorphism; assigning a single form and function to microorganisms without milieu associated cyclic development stages.

What is Isopathy/Homeopathy?

Dr. Enderlein discovered in 1916 that when primitive microorganism forms were specifically prepared, then administered to a patient along with a means of altering the internal milieu, the virulent form of the microorganism would be reduced to its avirulent form. Thus, the concept of Isopathy 'the therapeutic administration of the causative agent' has been applied. The various by-products of this reduction would then be excreted through the normal eliminatory organs of the body. The homeopathic designation applies to the dilution process in which the remedies undergo during their making.

What is SANUM - Kehlbeck?

SANUM - Kehlbeck is the manufacturer and worldwide distributor of SANUM Products. SANUM Kehlbeck acquired the original Enderlein products and has produced the additional remedies based upon Dr. Enderlein's research. These original disease eradicating strains are held in the German repository for biological cultures. SANUM - Kehlbeck has the sole right to manufacture the original formulas developed by Professor Dr. Guenther Enderlein.

What is Pleomorphic (SANUM) Products, Inc.?

Pleomorphic (SANUM) Products, lnc. was founded by Chrystyne M. Jackson. The company arose from her ten-year struggle to bring these indispensable Isopathic/Homeopathic Remedies to the United States. Pleomorphic Products, Inc. is now a wholly owned subsidiary of SANUMI Kehlbeck and is the only source of the German manufactured, FDA sanctioned SANUM remedies. Pleomorphic Products, Inc. distributes 66 Remedies in nine different classifications: These nine classifications in order of general importance include:

  • pH Modulators
  • Fungal
  • Bacterial
  • Drainage
  • Glandular
  • Sankehls
  • Polysans
  • Botanical
  • Vitamin/Mineral

For specific remedies in each category, please refer to the English translation of the German Isopatbic/Homeopathic Materia Medica.

Cell Therapies are based on the homeopathic Law of Similars and the idea that vital force of a normal healthy organ can positively affect a stressed or ailing organ. The Cell Therapies are a mixture of cell cytoplasms and RNA from specific healthy organs, RNA is normal1y present during the growth phase of the body's development. Administered intra-muscularly they support and regenerate organs that have been stressed by disease or treatment.

Part of the daily, week1y or monthly adjustment of treatment overseen by Dr. Bigelsen involves looking at slides of living blood under darkfield microscope. Rarely used by Western practitioners, this method allows Dr. Bige1sen to see daily changes in the blood ce1ls themselves as well as in affiliated structures. His trained eye can differentiate stress or weakness in particular organs, as well as signs of tumor breakdown. Most curious to observe are fungal forms at their most pathogenic within red blood cells pushing at the cell membranes to get out. In this most nasty form they are called endobions. Or likewise at their most friendly or benign as the energetic "shooting star" symbions.

The "bions" or packets of (universa1) energy are the key to the fina1 component of Dr. Bigelsen's approach of the Enderiein Remedies. Developed in Germany by a researcher known as Enderlein, these are the symbions, or the healthy form of the nasty germs, grown in culture and injected into the patient. These friendly bions help to strengthen the symbiotic re1ationship of our bodies with our funga1 partners and by doing so positively alter our body's terrain so that it is no longer conducive to cancer growth.

The Enderlein Remedies work much as homeopathic remedies do healing first from the inside out and from the top down in reverse chronology to the way the disease originated

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