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I am interested in reversing the Root Cause of an Illness~, not just treating symptoms. I understand the body's capacity to repair and heal itself, and I use techniques and products to strengthen, regenerate, detoxify and repair the body, without the debilitating, degenerative effects of Pharmaceutical Drugs or unnecessary surgeries.

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East West Health Care presents

Neil Cooper

With 25 years experience in the healing arts, Neil Cooper incorporates:Biological Medicine; Darkfield Microscopy Live Blood Analysis, Enderlein-Sanum Biological Therapies, European Live Cell Therapies, Nutritional Therapies, Acupuncture, Herbal Therapies, Stress Management Techniques, Movement Therapies, and Psychotherapeutic Techniques.

Neil Cooper : (336) 794~4080

~Nationally Certified Practitioner~

Arthritis/Joint Problems
Auto~ Immune Disease
Back Pain Injury Disk Degeneration
Bladder / Kidney Problems
Childhood Illness/ Pediatrics
Constipation / Diarrhea
Bowel Dysfunction
Colds / Flu
Cough / Bronchitis
Dizziness / Vertigo
Diabetes / Type II
Smoking Cessation
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome /
Gynecological Disorders
Headache / Migraine
Health Maintenance

Heart Problems / Palpitatic
High Blood Pressure /
High Cholesterol
Immune System
-deficiency and dysfunction.
Knee pain / dysfunction
Neck pain /
-Disc Degeneration
PMS, Menopausal
-Hormonal Imbalances
Paralysis / Numbness
Sciatica (Low Back)
Sexual Dysfunction
Shoulder pain / dysfunctic
Skin problems
Stress / Tension
Vision Problems
Macular Degeneration

My commitment is to excellence, to helping you get and stay well and feel great. I embrace a Multidimensional approach to Health Care, which will impact most all chronic acute illness. Each of my patients is treated as close family, with individualized, loving care.

Your most valuable asset is Good Health,
Invest in it wisely

Prevent and treat Chronic Acute Illness. Get Well and Stay Healthy. Neil Cooper is a Master~ Teacher, Healer. Lineage Holder and Nationally Certified Licensed Practitioner of Traditional Oriental Medicine, combining the best of Western & Eastern Medical Sciences.

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