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We are at a crossroads in human history. The Worlds resources, our planet's Environmental health, and relations between nations are all being stressed to a breaking point. What is the point of having great material wealth if we are polluting our planet and don't have clean water to drink? How can we teach justice in an environment whose rewards are dispersed by those who hold power and control over others? How do we break down the barriers we've constructed, which alienate us from one another and our collective "humanness"? Is this the legacy we wish to leave our children? If you believe as I do, that as the Native American people say, "what we do today influences 7 generations in the future", therefore we have responsibilities to those generations.

As parents we cannot see that far ahead. Sometimes we cannot see 10 minutes ahead. But we all want the best for our children and an environment where they can realize their full potential as human beings. But how do we do this? If education is truly the key to eliminate ignorance, how can we better educate our children and prepare them for the difficult tasks ahead? As someone recently said "If we are to fix education, we have to kindle curiosity, nourish young minds, and instill a sense of excitement about just about everything." There are "programs" in the educational system, (though few and far between these days), that actually kindle children's desire and curiosity to learn. As good as the best of these programs are, they still are painstakingly slow in developing children's cognitive skills and the way they integrate information.

What if there was a process that enabled children to maximize their full learning potential, by giving them the "tools" they need to process and integrate knowledge completely. In other words, these children would be able to see a much more complete perspective, and see how the pieces fit together to make the whole "bigger picture". They would be able to integrate Art and Science, music and physics, mathematics and architecture.

Throughout history, those individuals who were able to perceive a more complete, integrated perspective in their field are the people we would label as "genus visionaries or innovators." It was proven, (by anatomical study), that Einstein's Brain had many more "neural connections" then other people. Neural connections are the "wiring" in the brain, which allows for high speed communication between braid areas, allowing for a more complete integration of knowledge. How are these neural connections made? Are they hereditary, or are they developed throughout ones lifetime?

I believe each child brings with them certain abilities or gifts into the world. Any parent with 2 or more children will notice that each child has a different predisposition then the other children in the family. Children are not clones of the parents. Nothing could be further from the truth. The child inherits the genes from the mother and father's families, but the Spirit comes from another place. Some teachings say the "Spirit" enters the body at the time of conception, the biological union of sperm and egg.

Whether a child develops his or her "gifts" depends on a nurturing environment, and how the child interacts with the world around them. A stimulating environment will enhance a child's desire to learn and knowledge is obtained. In "Brain Based Learning", Eric Jensen http://www.jlcbrain.com/truth.html gives a good overview of not only how each part of the brain interacts with the other parts, but also when the child is most "receptive" to learning. Language and music require many areas of the brain to work together simultaneously (right and left hemispheres, ect). If the child is hungry or angry, they will not be receptive to learn; because basic survival needs (food and emotional well being) take precedence.

Mr Jensen has pointed out, what any good teacher can observe in the classroom. Individual children learn differently. Whereas one may be a visual learner and excel with books, another may have greater auditory skills, and do better with hands-on instruction. Some children have well developed special orientation skills, are more analytical and excel at math. Others have intuitive and artistic skills. Unfortunately our public and some private schools seem to ignore children's different learning patterns and attempt to teach as if children were clones of one another, not taking into account that different children process information differently.

If different children learn differently, and possess different gifts and abilities, shouldn't an enlightened educational system attempt to maximize each child's potential, and allow them to utilize their gifts to the fullest? Children need the basic foundational skills; reading, writing, mathematics, sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) relating to the natural world. Other languages" music and art develop the brain's neural functioning as well. A well rounded "liberal" education in theory meant having this basic foundation mentioned above, and developing critical thinking teens-adults. Rather then just regurgitating back isolated facts, which some politician-educators call learning; the "educated" person should be able to "integrate" knowledge. This means critical thinking, asking why, what-if, how, and building upon a knowledge base so as to constantly expand that knowledge base. The great Chinese author-philosopher physician Sun San-Miao said "actively broaden and expand your knowledge, but stand firmly on the principles of which you are certain."

To take this one step farther, true brilliance in any field of endeavor comes from an overall understanding of how the WHOLE PICTURE FITS TOGETHER. Being able to see the big picture and how the subsequent parts make up the big picture, gives one a tremendous advantage of understanding how things work. Think about it. A good example is the fragmentation one (who is aware of course), sees in Western Allopathic Medicine. Researchers running around trying to find the "magic bullet" to kill cancer. However, none of these "experts" has any understanding or what causes cancer, the relationship between emotional factors and environmental "toxins" diet and acidity-alkalinity, anaerobic-oxygenated tissue and blood environments, ect. These researcher physicians know the cancer cells are growing out of control, so they just poison, burn, and cut them out of the body. Is this seeing the big picture or a very narrow limited view? If one knew what caused cancer in the body, created the environment for it to grow, wouldn't one have a much deeper understanding of how to prevent and treat it? Fragmentation of thinking comes from learning lots of facts without being able to "put it all together", and see the big picture. This lack of integration is apparent in many of our institutions of higher learning, because of very "narrow focused" research without an overall concept of the whole. Add a competitive environment where money, ego and arrogance predominate, people don't share information, and now one has a prescription for failure. Vain knowledge that only benefits certain people's-institutions pocketbook and egos, but does nothing to alleviate or heal human suffering (it does, however, add to that suffering), is unfortunately what is going on with a lot scientific research today.

How we can maximize our children's potential, create a positive learning environment, develop healthy emotional, heart-connected people, without stressing our kids out? Our current political mentality of testing, only teaches kids how to take tests and regurgitate hand-fed information. A creative environment where children are allowed hands-on learning with a variety of sensory stimulation, where they can create and problem solve, is the way the brain learns optimally, according to research and observation.

Here is the major question all educators and parents need to consider. Is the brain the originator of conscious, innovative, creative thought, or is it more of a "processor", like a computer, to store, retrieve, and process the ideas, thoughts, and emotions we are exposed to daily? How do we explain great "insights" by such visionaries as Nickolai Tesla, who saw an AC generator in his minds eye, or Edgar Cayce's medical visions? Cayce had no medical background to draw upon. Other great thinkers or visionaries in the Arts or Sciences have had insights that transcended ordinary thought. Did these great creative ideas manifest in the brain itself?

I believe there is another explanation. I propose the brain is not the originator of these creative ideas but the processor. I believe that the Human Energy Field, or Human Aura Field is the originator of conscious thought, and that this field can access the Collective Human Consciousness, thereby getting information not readily available in a persons waking state. The Human Energy Field communicates with the brain through the Neural-Endocrine System, as electrical-chemical energy respectively. I believe most innovative ideas and insights come from the Collective Human Consciousness and are accessed by a particular person who is "tuned-in", or aligned with the Collective Consciousness Energy Field. This alignment of which I spark has to do with Resonance or Vibration

We know from physics and science, that as Einstein pointed out, Energy and matter are pal1 of a continuum. Depending on the rate of vibration (or resonance), determines the state of matter-energy. The higher the vibration rate, the more energy is contained. One is able to touch "physical matter", like a tree or hand for instance. This is more physical matter, lower vibration then the Human Energy Field. The Human Energy Field and all energy fields vibrate at a higher rate. Although a person cannot necessarily see this field (sensitive persons who possess certain visual higher sense perception can perceive these fields), these fields can be seen with Kiriliah Photography, and measured with sensitive instruments. The Human Energy Field directly communicates and shares what is going on with the physical body. For example, there is what is known in medical terms as "Phantom Limb Pain". This is the pain an amputee feels in their leg or foot which has been amputated, it is no longer there. However, the Human Energy Field around this leg is there, because when an accomplished healer or acupuncturist activates the energy field around the leg, the pain is gone.

Now that you're thinking, what does any of this have to do with my child's ability to learn more effectively? It is possible to align the child's brain and thought process with their energy field and that of the Collective Consciousness, thereby bringing the child's potential to the surface. To do this one must create an energy field that resonates with the Human Energy Fie1d. There are examples of resonating energy fields in our world today.

One example is the labyrinth of Chartes Cathedral in France. The labyrinth is a series of clockwise-counterclockwise paths, within a larger circle. These paths snake around the inside of the larger circle, and when a person walks these paths, the path eventually leads to the center of the large circle. The center of the circle represents the Creator, God or Source and one's connection with the Source. The walk represents the journey of oneself and one's spirit. The labyrinth idea itself is common in many cultures. Both old Christian and Native American-Hopis Cultures have a very similar labyrinth. The labyrinth creates an energy field that resonates with the Human Energy Field. People that walk the labyrinth experience profound insights and an emotional-spiritual connection with life. One cannot fully explain the experience in words, but this experience has been perceived by myself and others. It is what people describe as a Spiritual Experience. Another example of a resonating energy field is the Tibetan Sand Mandala. Created by Tibetan Monks, this Mandala is an elaborate "picture", hand made by the monks of colored sand. This "picture" is made of circles within circles. The outer circles contain picture representations of Buddhist Deities and other sacred symbols. The inner layers represent the evolution of humans towards their true "Buddha Nature" or GodSelf. These Mandala's have a profound effect on those people who are fortunate enough to be in the same area-room. I have seen running screaming children stop and become very quiet and introspective. Again, it is a spiritual experience that is very difficult to explain in words. There is a kind of alignment or "tuning-in", aligning ones personality and Spiritual selves

The Mandala is a Circle of Life without beginning or end. Many aboriginal peoples use Mandalas for Healing and Spiritual Ceremonies. These ceremonies help to connect a person with "Mother Earth and Father Sky", as above so below, on earth as it is in heaven. These ceremonies are meant to align or reconnect ones "personality self', with ones Spirit or higher self.

I am currently able to create an Energy Field that resonates with the Human

Energy Field. Integrating the Mandala with Archeotypicall Symbols and an ancient sacred practice, I am able to achieve wonderful things with children and adults. I call my work with children Transformation Learning, "Brain Integration Technique". Guiding-training children with this technique allows children to process and integrate information completely, by getting the whole brain to communicate together. The child's cognitive abilities are greatly enhanced, as the brain is able to make the "neural connections".

Parents, teachers, and myself have observed the following skill changes:

  1. greater attention span-concentration, (this training works ~ell with ADD-ADHD kids),
  2. improved Cognitive Learning Skills, (potential for reversing dyslexia, and other learning processing related difficulties),
  3. improved behavior, cooperative, and social skills,
  4. this training brings out a child's artistic (as well as analytical) potential. With "normal children", they learn 5 to 10 fold faster. If I ask them what they're doing differently, I usually get an answer like, "I don't know, everything (learning) is just coming so easily now". This represents subtle changes at the subconscious level.

I can train any person, in this Brain Integration Technique, who has an interest in children's education. It would take about 60 to 70 hours training, but this system can be passed on to others. This is a unique teaching, unlike anything in the educational system today.

One of the greatest gifts of this training is that it empowers children, giving them the tools to work with emotions. The child is able to work with the emotional energy directly, be it anger, fear sadness, ect. The child or adult is taught to work with their emotions-feelings at the "Heart Level". The heart organ has recently been shown to give off the largest energy field of any of our body's organs. In many Medical Systems, cultures, and traditions, the heart is the seed and origin from which our feelings manifest. In Spiritual Traditions a person must possess a compassionate-open heart to be truly connected with life. Our Psychiatric Models too often work only at an intellectual level, not able to work with emotions directly. It makes people dependent on the Therapist, instead of empowering people to heal at a deeper level.

I'm not saying that drama and other modalities are not important adjuncts to working with emotional expression, they are. What I've found is that with the "Brain Integration Training", people move from the acknowledgement and expression of emotions-feelings to the third level. The third level is the processing and transformation of emotional energy. We all know of someone who has anger constantly recycling around and around. They never seem to move beyond it. Processing ones anger is like unpeeling an onion, to get to the inner core. One can be taught to work with emotional energy at the "heart level", thereby processing and freeing up old energy patterns in the person's energy field, not unlike peeling back the layers of an onion. Some teachings call it learning to "love ones anger." Not only does the person take responsibility for their feelings, but with this training they are able to move from "conditioned response" to an action of conscious choice.

I mentioned Archetypical Symbols, what do I mean by this? The late Psychotherapist Carl Jung studied and explored the use of ~symbols and their relationship with energy fields. Aboriginal peoples from all continents use these symbols in their sacred ceremonies. The Archetypical or "Cosmic" Symbols is a pattern (like a spiral), inherent in nature, it can not be created or destroyed by humans. Using one of these symbols is like a bridge that connects the physical "plane" reality with the living Energy Fields surrounding us. One can appreciate how these Archetypical Symbols are essential in accessing the Human Energy Field, and creating a resonating energy field. This "opens up" the child or adult to tremendous possibilities that could not be otherwise accessed.

Music, like the "Mozart Effect", and in fact most music that resonates with our energy field, will have an uplifting effect on us. Music is sound and sound is vibration which creates resonance. Some music has a greater positive effect on our energy field then others. The resonance of the music is temporary, limited to the person's accessibility to the music, so there is no sustained "permanence". In other words once the music stops the effect stops. With the Brain Integration Technique the effect has permanence. The resonating energy field re-aligns the person's energy-auric field, creating not only an integration of brain functioning, but also the ability to "connect" with the "higher" self. By higher self, I mean this training allows for an alignment of personality and spirit, allowing the person to access the Collective Human Consciousness. Therefore the child (or adult) can bring forth creative and visionary ideas on a regular basis, without the concern of losing this ability.

Although some may proclaim that this is not "scientific", I wholeheartedly disagree. Are not the laws of the Universe and our relationship to them, the highest form of science? At the moment I am working from a Clinician standpoint. I'm convinced without a doubt, that what I'm observing with children and adults in my clinic is verifiable using 1) an EEG (electroencephalogram), to show brain wave changes and 2) cognitive studies (NEPSY), to show changes in brain cognit1ve processing. My primary concern is for the welfare of the people I teach-guide. Because I think in terms of energy, and I'm not a physicist or mathematician, I cannot explain the results I'm observing in those terms. I am trained in these unique practices, so I myself have experienced the results firsthand. Having a background in medicine, I can understand the relationship between energy fields and matter. Subtle energy fields, (earth magnetic, light-photon energy from the sun, the moon and other cosmic radiation) influence our physical and energetic bodies. In essence we must begin to see ourselves, as a "Microcosm in a Macrocosm". In other words, the same laws of this universe apply to us as human beings as apply to all other life in this universe. There is a particular pattern, or universal truth, that applies to all phenomena in the universe.

As Buckminster Fuller once said "people are 99% conditioned and don't realize it". The educational system in this country is still using a sledgehammer approach with dyslexia and other forms of "learning challenged" kids. Because of this obsession that children must learn to read by first grade, we place much more stress on our children then is necessary. Educators are 'conditioned" that the only way to approach these learning "disabilities" is through bombardment repetition with phonic sound, words, and letters, which makes most children resist learning. Were these well intentioned educators-experts to open their minds, and recondition their ways of thinking, they would realize that there is a much more effective way to teach these children. If it is a processing problem in the child's brain, then why not change the way a child processes information? By getting the whole brain interacting or communicating together, my Brain Integration Technique does just that! This changes the way the child processes information, without the need for laborious programs that only move kids ahead at a snails pace.

When it comes to new, visionary approaches to learning, our educational institutions also move at a snails pace. In fact there is always great resistance to new ideas. As Einstein so beautifully said, "great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." But where would our world be today without the perseverance of those great Spirits? Today we are at a crisis point in human history. We do not have 10+ years to wait for innovative ideas to move the consciousness of our planet ahead. Humanity, those of us who aspire the highest good, must begin the change within ourselves. We must cultivate our "higher nature"; otherwise we will descend into oblivion, creating more chaos for our children, then the chaos which is currently stressing our planet and ourselves in the world today.

This Brain Integration Technique Provides the "tools" to allow children and adults to access their "higher selves". It not only has the potential to develop great minds, but even more importantly, creates Heart-connected, empowered human beings, capable of leading this world out of darkness. I want to stress that this training-guidance is the culmination of over twenty years of cultivation of these unique energetic practices. This is not the "supermarket" self help spirituality, that maybe well-intentioned, but too often has no practical way to move children and adults forward, as the Brain Integration Technique does.

There is an abundance of writers and authors today who sell books and audio video tapes espousing truths that have been in existence for thousands of years. These ideas excite people's interest, and therefore are beneficial to "awaken" people to other possibilities. These writers and ancient truths resonate with people's spirit, but it is still at the intellectual level. For any "Transformative Practice" to be of any real lasting value, the training-practice must move beyond the intellectual level to the experiential, spiritual-energetic and emotional levels. In other words, the Practice becomes part of oneself and resonates throughout ones being. This is why the Brain Integration training is so unique and useful. People can make a "quantum leap" in their own development literally overnight.

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