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Transformational Learning Applications

My proposal is to teach, guide a group of

  1. "Learning Challenged" and or
  2. "Normal" children,

So as to help them to PROCESS and INTEGRATE Information Completely.

The training process involves a unique Brain Integration Technique, which takes about 15 min. per session (4 sessions total). The child must be 6 years or older and be able to sit quietly for 5 to 10 minutes. The initial meeting involves just getting to know the child-student. Once trust is established and the child is ready to sit down, the training can begin. The child's role is simply to sit quietly and do a couple simple tasks (ex. Put hands in a certain position).

The Instructor (myself) then uses a technique which allows all parts of the child's brain to function together optimally. Using Neurophysiology, the brain will be naturally activated through the body's nervous and endocrine systems, so that each area of the brain communicates with the other areas. The child is then able to process and fully integrate information, allowing them to learn and comprehend quickly and easily.

The training process has been tested on many children. Parents, teachers, and myself have observed the following skill changes:

  1. Greater attention span-concentration,
  2. Improved Cognitive Learning Skills, and
  3. improved behavior, cooperative, and Social Skills.

To assess changes in the child's Cognitive and Processing Skills, I propose:

  1. EEG to show brain wave activity changes, before and after training, and
  2. Cognitive Testing such as the NEPSY Cognitive Assessment System (Nagleairy and Das). For the Cognitive Testing we need to get an Educational Psychologist, someone who can administer and evaluate the test(s) before and after the training.

The child is an active participant in their growth process. However, it is essential to include the parents of children participating in this teaching program. By the parent(s) experiencing the same teaching as their child, parents will be much more willing to encourage, role model, and support their child in practicing these daily growth techniques. The Brain Integration Techniques are a tremendous 'jump start" for children developmentally. Daily-weekly practice gives both children and parents the "Tools" to be healthy, balanced, well-adjusted children and adults.

As this program is launched, teaching will be expanded to follow the development of each child, including the opportunity for the individual child to practice these developmental enhancing techniques for themselves.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call my clinic at (336) 794-4080. I would be happy to talk with any parent(s) who would want their child to participate in this study. We would, obviously, need a Parental Consent Form.

My purpose as an educator and humanist is to make available a Profound Learning Application that can ACTIVATE and EXPAND our Children's Learning Potential.


Dr. Neil Cooper

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